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Prepare for winter

Winter Diesel Program

Winter diesel 
Denver fuel supply typically begins turn around mid-October and is complete by the end of the month. Rex Oil Company will run samples from all Denver and Fountain terminals to test both cloud and cold filter plug points (CFPP). The results of these tests let us know what the #2 diesel is that we will be working with during the winter months.

​The past three winters the Denver terminals have had readings from 0° to 5° F. Often times with the double treat additive CFPP's have been from -20° to -25°. If you require a temperature lower than this, Rex Oil can lower the temperature as necessary with a blend of diesel #1.

When to transition to Winter diesel
We recommend that all fleets have their winter fuel in place by Thanksgiving. For our large fleet accounts and mountain customers we begin the transition early November. This process can take up to two weeks for fuel to move through equipment and not be up to strength. Fuel tanks will need to be treated along with delivered fuel.

Customer tanks
Tanks will need to be checked for water using the color cut method. Generally 95% of winter fuel problems are due to icing or water. If tanks have less than one inch of water we can treat that with Valvtec Tank Dri. If they haved more than one inch an outside service will need to be called to pump and dispose of the water prior to our treatment. Two companies we recommend are:Eaton Sales & Service -
http://www.eatonsalesservice.com/ Kubat Equipment - http://www.kubatequipment.com/