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General Services:

  • 100% support from all Gray Oil Company Employees with a positive attitude.
  • Problem Solver
  • Commitment t customer satisfaction
  • Convenience
  • Fast, accurate on time delivery
  • Backup inventory on all products used
  • Provide trucks and equipment for product transfer and storage (fee base)
  • Customer owned product transfer from one location to another (fee base)
  • Purchase and sell new/used tanks and equipment bulk storage
  • Lubes, Fuels, Coolants, Methanol and Heat Transfer Fluids
  • Provide MSDS and Product Data Sheets on all products provided by Gray Oil
  • Provide shipping papers and equipment labeling to meet EPA and DOT requirements
  • Provide updated information on industry change
  • Stay informed of customers needs and industry changes
  • Provide experienced trained and licensed delivery personnel
  • Insurance Certificates provided on request


  • Emergency support 24 hour a day, 7 days a week service 800-464-4729 
  • Equipment and personnel available for emergency support (fee base)
  • Monitoring of field support equipment/pumps notification of appropriate personnel of unsafe or potential problems


  • Support Manufactures PES (Planned Engineering Services) Programs
  • Access to Manufacturers Technical Staff and Lube Engineers
  • Technical support and evaluation for facilities and field support
  • Plant survey’s with shared results and recommendations
  • Product consolidation recommendations to reduce or control inventory requirements
  • Analytical Lab support and interpretation for Lubricants and Engine
  • Oil Analysis, Heat transfer Fluids, Coolants and Fuels
  • Technical training seminars for products and support
  • Schedule safety classes for plant and field personnel
  • Schedule meetings with maintenance and operations personnel to find better ways to serve you
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control random lab testing of products to insure quality, Certificate of Analysis for Chemicals and Lubricants upon Request
  • Retained samples of product deliveries (customer specific)
  • Electronic tank monitoring (wireless) where cell phone service is available, for lubes, fuels and chemicals


  • Risk Management programs including “max price contracts”. If prices go down your price goes down with it, but if prices go up you’re locked in at a max that won’t be exceeded.
  • Remote fluid level monitoring of tanks so we know when you’re going to need product
  • On site fueling

Special Services

  • Wireless Tank Level Monitoring With Shared Access
  • Emergency Tank Storage
  • Customer Product Transfer
  • Customer Safety Training for Handling and Storing Hazardous Materials

Our Services