Mobil Ronex AW Series

  • The Ronex AW series of products continue the brand name and established dependable performance of Ronex MP, upgraded to work in the fleet and off-road market. The series, consisting of Ronex AW 221, 222 and 222 Moly, have been formulated with an ISO 220 viscosity. This mid-viscosity strikes a good balance between cold temperature pumpability and water resistance, while providing the viscosity needed for bearings and other lube points. The water resistance is enhanced by a shear stable polymer, capable of withstanding harsh fleet and off-road applications. Ronex AW also contains a well balanced performance additive package, providing all of the essential ingredients needed for dependable performance. Rust and corrosion protection, wear and shock load protection, consistent with the Ronex name, are balanced for dependable performance.Ronex AW is recommended for light duty passenger and on-highway truck fleet service, construction and off-road lubrication of steering / suspension components, hinge and bucket pins, bearings, and fifth wheels. The recommended operating temperature range is -20° C to 120° C.


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